Wars of the Roses: The Prints of Darkness

2246-wotr_fbbannerUpdate by Peter Dennis

Some devilment has found its way into the process from artwork to page in this title. The figure pages are always a bit more intense than my artwork, and I love that, but some of the pages of Wars of the Roses have gone a bit further down that path than we intended. This gives the figures a rather brooding and dangerous look, which if I could, I would add to all the sheets of warriors in the paperboy world.

Unfortunately, it has also made the bases on some of the pages too dark to match either the starter game base printed on the back inside cover, or any normal wargame terrain.   That means it’s time to see what we can do to bring the base back into the light, while keeping the heavy knights heavy. img_0825

My first thought was to ask my pals at Warlord Games for some of that grassy stuff beloved of  wargamers of the 3D persuasion. ‘Dead Grass’ is the shade.  It’s an interesting material, but there’s something  just too 3D about it which sets up an interference in the paper purist’s sensibilities. I may be the only paper purist in Britain though, so see what you think.

The answer, for me, is simply to paint the base. During development,  I was rather shocked to see that Andy Callan painted the bases of his Wars of the Roses (WOTR) paperboys anyway (without asking permission!) so I suspect many gamers will match them  into their terrain boards as a matter of course.

img_0824Any opaque paint will do the job. Light Khaki if you have wargames paint, Raw Sienna or Yellow Ochre with a dab of green mixed in is about the right shade. 

Paint the bases at the stage where you have completed the stand except for gluing in the front rank strip. You can dab some colour on the base edge too to complete the stand.

We will correct the sheets when we reprint, so there is a window of time to have these boys cast in a more serious light!

Less is More

When I plonked the open pages of WOTR onto the copier at my local place, the machine decided I wanted to squeeze two pages into one and reduced my print down in size. It reduced it to 15mm scale, or as near as makes no difference, so I thought I would make up a few stands.

img_1052I hadn’t made any Paperboys this small before, and by chance one of the sheets was the WOTR mounted knights with their long lances. They cut out with care, but without any problem, and were pretty quick to do, too. Even the foot-knights with their pole arms were easier, if anything, than their big brothers. Yes, I know I’m used to cutting fiddly stuff out, but honestly, they were easier as you have to smudge over the wobbly blades etc and it doesn’t matter at this scale.

I hope this inspires you to try it. The 3D illusion works really well at this scale, and huge armies will fit on your table!

Battle for Britain. Wargame the Wars of the Roses 1457-1488 by Peter Dennis with easy rules by Andy Callan is available for purchase here.

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