The Danish Volunteers of the Waffen-SS

By Lars Larsen

On 29 June 1941 the Frikorps Denmark was created. It was a Danish battalion inside the Waffen-SS. The battalion took part in the hard battles at the Demjansk pocket in the summer of 1942, and the 1942/43 winter campaign in Velikie Luki/Nevel, with heavy losses and casualties. On 20 May 1943, the Frikorps Denmark was disbanded and was renamed Regiment Denmark.

This book tells the story of Frikorps Denmark through photos and text. The book is a project that the authors, Jens P. Bjerregaard and Lars Larsen, have talked about for some years. Throughout the last 15 years there have been many books published about the Danes who joined Frikorps Denmark. Most of these books are biographies from some of the members.

Frikorps Danmark members, taken in January 1943 at Velikie Luki/Nevel.

However, there has never been a book that tells the story in pictures until now with The Danish Volunteers of the Waffen-SS.

The subject is still today associated with taboo and is controversial. The authors have a lifelong interest in the story in the Danes who joined Frikorps Denmark during the Second World War and during the last 20 years they have visited many of the veterans to hear their stories. Besides that, they have travelled in Russia together with former Frikorps Denmark veterans to come as close to the history as possible.

Many of the photos have never been seen or published before, and the material in the book is from original photos that the authors have received from veterans and their relatives.

The authors are both located in Denmark, and have both earlier published books about Danes in the Waffen-SS.

Danish Volunteers of the Waffen-SS. Freikorps Danmark 1941-43 can be ordered on our website here.

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