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Did ‘dirty war’ tactics kill more guerrillas in Rhodesia than conventional military units?

Glenn Cross investigates Chemical Biological Warfare in Southern Africa Although some nations have developed or acquired chemical or biological agents, few have ever used these weapons against their adversaries. One of the few countries ever thought to have used chemical … Continue reading

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South Africa’s conflicts along the Angolan Frontier – a contrasting view

Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland and the Middle East have tended to hug the headlights for decades. In contrast, South Africa’s efforts to combat insurgency in what is today northern Namibia and Southern Angola received sparse attention beyond our own frontiers. … Continue reading

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War in the Age of Victoria, 19th Century South African Campaigns: Remember Majuba!

By John Laband The victory of Boer irregulars over regular British troops at Majuba Hill in South Africa on 27 February 1881 had repercussions far greater than the scale of the battle itself. Majuba did more than validate Boer mobile … Continue reading

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