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Exclusive Interview: Blood in the Forest author Vincent Hunt

Which period of history and specific events does your book Blood in the Forest. The End of the Second World War in the Courland Pocket cover? The Courland Pocket covered six battles between October 1944 and May 1945 in western … Continue reading

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Amid tales of Courland slaughter, one who survived – Crocodile Dundee

By Vincent Hunt Blood in the Forest is the story of the Courland Pocket – a series of apocalyptic battles between the Red Army and German and Latvian forces in the final stages of the Second World War. The author … Continue reading

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How Mount Piana inspired a new history of The Italian Folgore Parachute Division

By Paolo Morisi – I hail from northern Italy and – in the summer – I spend a lot of time in the mountains along the Austrian-Italian border, the Alto Adige and Veneto regions of Italy. In the 1980s you could still … Continue reading

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An unprecedented view of East Front combat during the last months of World War Two

By A. Stephan Hamilton This book represents the first comprehensive treatment of Panzergrenadier-Division ‘Brandenburg’ published to date. Yet, it was not a book I ever intended to write. In 2011 Duncan Rogers requested that I pen an Introduction to a new … Continue reading

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The Dunkirk evacuation: myth and reality

Dr Tim Benbow, King’s College London The remarkably successful evacuation from Dunkirk in summer 1940 is an epic tale that continues to fascinate and to inspire. It involved heroism in the face of the most desperate adversity; some kind of … Continue reading

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Stretcher Bearer: Bob Hopper reflects on his uncle’s Second World War exploits in Egypt, Italy and Greece

My grandfather taught army recruits bayonet fighting in the First World War, so perhaps it was only natural that my father and his two brothers would volunteer to join the Territorial Army Queen’s Westminsters – later to be amalgamated in … Continue reading

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Britain’s Greatest Wartime Treasures: Protecting the British Royal Family in the Second World War by Andrew Stewart

The story of how the British Royal Family was protected during the Second World War has not previously been studied in any great detail. Whilst I was conducting research for another book about the invasion threat Britain faced throughout the … Continue reading

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‘Farrar the Para’: The boy soldier who became a General

HE ran away from school and joined the Army under-age during the Second World War – rising through the ranks to command NATO’s Northern Region as a full General. Now, the life and campaigns of celebrated Royal Welch Fusilier, Gloucestershire … Continue reading

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