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Paperboys’ American Adventure

By Peter Dennis The ‘Battle for Britain’ series is about to come to an end with ‘The Jacobite ‘45’ and ‘Castle Assault’ in spring ’18. I wanted to make a start on an American series of Paper soldier subjects that … Continue reading

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Paper Soldiers: Hamburg Tactica Show 2017

By Peter Dennis Every year, a small group of the Perry mafia goes over to the Hamburg Tactica Show as guests of the organisers. I like to repay their hospitality with a piece of artwork for whatever purpose, and last … Continue reading

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Battle For Britain Series Update: Romans on the March

By Peter Dennis Andy Callan and I spent a fun evening with my local wargaming club ‘the Forest Outlaws’. (Mansfield was in the middle of Sherwood Forest, if you’re wondering about the name). We were play-testing Andy’s rules for the … Continue reading

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Wargaming Elizabethan Naval Warfare

Andy Callan discusses the thinking behind the easy rules he is compiling for a forthcoming new title in our Battle For Britain paper soldiers series. Making a game out of warfare at sea in this period is a tricky business. … Continue reading

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Wars of the Roses: The Prints of Darkness

Update by Peter Dennis Some devilment has found its way into the process from artwork to page in this title. The figure pages are always a bit more intense than my artwork, and I love that, but some of the … Continue reading

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New ‘Paper Soldiers’ Battle for Britain Releases: Wargame 1066 and Wargame the Wars of the Roses 1455-1487

                    Peter Dennis introduces the latest titles in his ‘Battle for Britain’ series, featuring easy rules by Andy Callan: In the papery romp through the military history of Britain that the ‘Battle for … Continue reading

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Wargaming: Join our new ‘paperboys’ and enter the paperworld with illustrator Peter Dennis

Welcome to this new forum for ideas and images associated with the Helion & Company Ltd series of Paper Soldier books Battle for Britain.The first title: Wargame The English Civil Wars 1642-51 is being launched this weekend at Salute 2016,  … Continue reading

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