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Remembering Montgomery: The largest Civil War battle fought in Wales

The largest English Civil War battle to take place in Wales – involving more than 8,000 soldiers – has been reappraised in a ground-breaking new book, written more than 350 years later. The Battle of Montgomery, 1644. The English Civil … Continue reading

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Pendennis Castle and Sir John Arundell – By MJ Logue

Of all the names associated with the siege of Pendennis Castle, Sir John Arundell is perhaps the most renowned. In his seventies, Arundell was a formidable man – despite certain reservations expressed by his peers that he was perhaps no … Continue reading

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Why is the Battle of Roundway known as Run-away Down?

In July 1643 a combined-arms Parliamentarian army under Sir William Waller was comprehensively defeated by a Royalist cavalry force under Henry, Lord Wilmot on the downs above the village of Roundway near Devizes in Wiltshire. Waller blamed his defeat on … Continue reading

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Colonel Richard Grace: A Royalist soldier in Europe by John Barratt

  Whilst researching my next book for Helion (covering the campaigns in Flanders in 1657-9, which climaxes with the Battle of the Dunes where Royalists and Cromwellians fought on opposing sides) I’m uncovering a gallery of colourful characters.  They range … Continue reading

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