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Helion at Salute, London Excel 14 April 2018

Friday 13 April dawned chilly and cloudy, but after a tremendous effort from our events manager, Andy Miles, we had the van loaded virtually to its roof with lots of goodies for Salute, including three ranges of wargames figures. As … Continue reading

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Paperboys’ American Adventure

By Peter Dennis The ‘Battle for Britain’ series is about to come to an end with ‘The Jacobite ‘45’ and ‘Castle Assault’ in spring ’18. I wanted to make a start on an American series of Paper soldier subjects that … Continue reading

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Battle For Britain Series Update: Romans on the March

By Peter Dennis Andy Callan and I spent a fun evening with my local wargaming club ‘the Forest Outlaws’. (Mansfield was in the middle of Sherwood Forest, if you’re wondering about the name). We were play-testing Andy’s rules for the … Continue reading

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Battle For Britain Reader Suggestion: Crafting Aluminium Pikes

By Peter Dennis Andre Clues, of my local wargame club in Mansfield, has come up with this brilliant idea… Instead of using another sheet of paper between the folded colour sheets when you make pikes, use a flattened strip of … Continue reading

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Wargaming Elizabethan Naval Warfare

Andy Callan discusses the thinking behind the easy rules he is compiling for a forthcoming new title in our Battle For Britain paper soldiers series. Making a game out of warfare at sea in this period is a tricky business. … Continue reading

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Wars of the Roses: The Prints of Darkness

Update by Peter Dennis Some devilment has found its way into the process from artwork to page in this title. The figure pages are always a bit more intense than my artwork, and I love that, but some of the … Continue reading

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New ‘Paper Soldiers’ Battle for Britain Releases: Wargame 1066 and Wargame the Wars of the Roses 1455-1487

                    Peter Dennis introduces the latest titles in his ‘Battle for Britain’ series, featuring easy rules by Andy Callan: In the papery romp through the military history of Britain that the ‘Battle for … Continue reading

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The Making of a Paper Soldier by Illustrator Peter Dennis

How does Illustrator Peter Dennis design a beautifully-crafted rank of paper soldiers, like these? Find out below in his step-by-step guide.     Step One: I draw the strips at 200% size onto pre-printed ‘cells’ (an animation term I’ve adopted), on … Continue reading

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Battle for Britain: Your Questions Answered…

If you haven’t yet discovered our Battle for Britain ‘paperboys’ or if you have questions about how they are made, do not fear… Illustrator Peter Dennis answers your most commonly-asked questions in this latest blog instalment. Q) What scale are … Continue reading

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Our ‘Paperboys’ march into the fray at Salute 2016

Salute 16th April: Andy Callan is pictured setting up another round of the War of the Roses starter game (due out later this year), which is played on two sheets of A4 squared ground that you can print from the … Continue reading

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