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Kingdoms under siege: Fortress warfare in the British Isles and beyond, 1648-60

By David Flintham Contrary to public opinion, the British Civil Wars were fought not so much in the open fields and moors, but in trenches and on ramparts and walls – a fact that caused the Earl of Orrey to … Continue reading

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English Civil War: Researching ‘Cromwell’s Buffoon’, Regicide Thomas Pride

By Robert Hodkinson Colonel Thomas Pride is a paradox among prominent English Civil War figures. As the driving force behind ‘Pride’s Purge’, he was responsible for the forcible exclusion of moderate MPs from parliament in December 1648, which led directly … Continue reading

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English Civil War: The Commission of Thomas Else, 1659

By Stephen Ede-Borrett Extant Army Officers’ Commissions from before 1660 are rare and, as far as I am aware, the example shown here is the only surviving example dating to this period, the last year of the English Commonwealth. After … Continue reading

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London’s role during the ‘English’ Civil War – overlooked? David Flintham argues the case

Any decent London bookshop will have shelves devoted to the history of the capital. But taking anything more than a cursory glance at the titles on display will reveal a glaring omission: the virtual absence of anything about London during … Continue reading

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