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Crucible of the Jacobite ’15

By Jonathan Oates The battle of Sherriffmuir is a battle known to me since 1982, when I read an article about it in a wargaming magazine when I was at school. There was only John Baynes’ book on the topic, … Continue reading

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Why is the Battle of Roundway known as Run-away Down?

In July 1643 a combined-arms Parliamentarian army under Sir William Waller was comprehensively defeated by a Royalist cavalry force under Henry, Lord Wilmot on the downs above the village of Roundway near Devizes in Wiltshire. Waller blamed his defeat on … Continue reading

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Military Manuals and Battlefield Interpretation: Warwick Louth

Moving interpretation of the typical battlefield from the blank field to a space where a number of ephemeral actions take place…  This research project was a result of my Masters Dissertation undertaken with the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology at the University … Continue reading

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