Proudly presenting ‘D-Day – The Last of the Liberators’ by Robin Savage

IWM-Duxford-exhb-Last_Lib_Billy_Bray‘D-Day – The Last of the Liberators’ is a collection of portraits of the last British veterans of D-Day.

It records in a unique way the stories of 33 individuals and their emotional but dignified return to the locations in Normandy, in many cases the exact spot, which are tied to their most profound personal memories of the campaign; places where they saw action or were wounded, where they experienced instances of miraculous chance or where they witnessed their friends being taken away from them through the horror of battle.

The significance of these photographs cannot be overlooked. As the number of this extraordinary generation diminishes each year, soon the duty to remember their fallen comrades will be passed down to the wider population of a still grateful nation.

These photographs, taken during the 68th and 69th anniversaries of the D-Day landings, are a record of some of the final visits these brave and dignified men and women will make to the places that imprinted themselves indelibly on their lives; their stories told in the accompanying text, but etched on their faces as they are confronted by stark memories from a haunting past.

Watch the official trailer; bookmark the official website; visit the official exhibition at Imperial War Museum Duxford until 31 December, and follow our author Robin Savage on Twitter.

‘D-Day – The Last of the Liberators’ is published by Helion & Company Ltd and is available to purchase online.

Click here to see photos from the official launch.


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