Paper Soldiers: Hamburg Tactica Show 2017

By Peter Dennis

Every year, a small group of the Perry mafia goes over to the Hamburg Tactica Show as guests of the organisers. I like to repay their hospitality with a piece of artwork for whatever purpose, and last year Frank Becker of the Hamburgers, who has taken to paper soldiers bigly (as we say nowadays), asked me to do a camp scene for the magazine in the style of the Zinnfiguren flats. This page is the result and is, I hope, an attractive addition to the Battle for Britain. Wargame the English Civil War book.

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2 Responses to Paper Soldiers: Hamburg Tactica Show 2017

  1. Antony Spencer says:

    Peter, thanks it is a great addition. I have asked this on your Facebook page but do you/Helion think it would be possible to provide some WoTR in men at arms, bowmen etc in just white livery coats so we could colour ourselves when we want to represent some of the lords etc who fought in the wars?

  2. Andreas says:


    it’s a very nice addition! I love the paperboys books and I have all of them. I can’t wait to get the next volumes in my hands.
    The mule from this camp scene will be also very usefull for any Roman Army!

    Thank you very much to the great artist Peter Dennis and the publisher Helion for making it possible to get all this amazing paper stuff.

    Best regards from Germany,

    PS: Are there any plans for Napoleonics in the future?

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