Our ‘Paperboys’ march into the fray at Salute 2016

Salute - Andy CallanSalute 16th April: Andy Callan is pictured setting up another round of the War of the Roses starter game (due out later this year), which is played on two sheets of A4 squared ground that you can print from the book. Good job it’s so small as the playing table is rather bijoux!

The rules are designed with complete beginners in mind and the starter game uses squares to get the new player used to the system before launching into a three ward punch-up on an un-squared normal playing surface. It’s a really nice little game. I can say that… I didn’t design it.Wargame the English Civil Wars 1642-51

Our book – Wargame The English Civil War 1641-52 – was very well received and many copies went out signed by the pair of us. I look forward to seeing some pictures of ‘paperboys’ I didn’t make myself!

By Illustrator Peter Dennis

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  1. elio ghelli says:

    Kind Sirs, when print “Culloden “Scottish against British ? please answer me regards Elio

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