New and forthcoming releases: ‘From Reason to Revolution 1721-1815’

It was only seven months ago that I composed the first post for this blog, announcing the imminent release of the first ‘From Reason to Revolution’ title. Now, the first four titles are in print and books number five and six are at the printers’ and will be available imminently; by the end of the year, as further titles continue to release, the total of books in print will have risen to eleven.

The selection of titles making up the first year’s releases should give a pretty good idea of what to expect for the series looking on into 2018 and beyond. We have heavyweight monograph studies of battles and campaigns, on land – Prestonpans 1745 – at sea – the blockade of Brest 1793-1815 – and amphibious – the West Indies 1794. We also have first-person eyewitness accounts, including material translated from Russian and French as well as English-language classics, all of it accompanied by notes and commentary to place the historical material in context.

Falling somewhere between these two categories are Neil Cogswell’s two volumes based on the papers of Horace St Paul. St Paul recorded his personal impressions of service with the Austrian Army in the Seven Years War, but he was also conscious that he was writing history and sought to add other material as well, to which Neil as editor has added yet more. The first of these titles, Lobositz to Leuthen, has received much praise since its release as the first title in the series, and the second volume, Olmütz to Torgau will complete the year’s releases as book number eleven when it comes out in November.

Lastly, the year’s releases include two significant works of uniformology. One is a reproduction of a primary source – the Spanish Estado Militar of 1800 – not previously seen in print; the other is the product of years of research into the uniforms and organisation of the French Army of the Orient in Egypt and reproduces colour plates from the extensive collection of the author, Yves Martin.

Looking ahead to 2018, all these themes within the series continue to be developed. Three different campaign studies will address three different campaigns in the Low Countries – those of 1745, 1793-’95, and 1799 – emphasising that this was still very much the ‘Cock-pit of Europe’ for much of the long-eighteenth century. Our delayed study of the uniforms of the Dutch army of this era is also now slated for 2018 release, along with similar volumes dealing with the armed forces of the Elector Frederick August II of Saxony, a ruler who found himself unenviably caught between the power of Austria and Prussia and whose lands were turned into battlefields nearly as frequently as those of the Dutch. We shall also be breaking new ground, however, with the first titles to deal with the American Revolutionary War due for release, along with our first biography in the shape of a study of the life and times of Sir George Murray, Wellington’s de-facto chief-of-staff for much of the Peninsular War.

Already we are looking on into 2019 and beyond when it comes to scheduling new titles, having received so many fascinating proposals of which would-be readers will be able to learn more in due course either via this blog or via the series Facebook page. Do please also use the latter to give feedback on titles that you have enjoyed, to suggest new topics, or simply as a means of contacting others with an interest in the warfare of the eighteenth century. Notwithstanding the variety of topics already slated for coverage, there are still many gaps to be filled and anyone interested in contributing to the series themselves is most welcome to contact me at to discuss their ideas.

Lastly, plans are currently being made for the first series conference. This will take place in the spring of 2018, with the papers subsequently being published as part of the series. Again, watch this space and the Facebook page for further details.

Andrew Bamford, Series & Commissioning Editor

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