Military history author Linda Parker: Where and how I write

Linda and Nigel Parker are both military history authors – currently working on separate books for Helion & Company Ltd. Here, Linda ventures into the brave new world of blogging, and reveals a little of where and how she writes… 

sj-pajonas-where-i-writeAt last, a year after I was invited to blog for Helion,  I am attempting to do so! I am going to be dragged kicking and screaming into the  21st century (into 1917  anyway), as I have just received the pre-publicity tasks for my next book. As one of them enquires how my social media can be used in publicity for  my new book,  I thought  I should have some! Hence first step –blog.  I must, however, prevent it from being a Victor Meldrew  or ‘Grumpy Old Women’ style  rant. (Let me make it clear that  I have never seen this programme, only trailers , and that I am neither old or grumpy). Apparently, where and how  I write will be of some interest…

The most annoying thing about my writing lately has been the postman and/or the Amazon man (other carriers are available). I generally work on the dining room table, making me available to answer the door to all comers. The postman has been particularly busy delivering parcels to our house, and – as I am home in the daytime – vulnerable to accepting parcels for neighbours also. The door is hammered as our door bell does not ring, (more about this in later blogs). A disembodied voice from the author upstairs -writing in a well-appointed study – says: “Linda  the door!” After corralling the dog, Buddy, I sign for the parcel, sit back at my computer and recover my train of thought – only for the door to be hammered again. A variation on this scenario is: “Linda, is it time for a cuppa?”

Someone asked me this week whether I was enjoying my retirement. After having pointed out that  I had not retired – I’ve just swapped teaching for a career as an author – I explained about the pressure of deadlines (one looming), the obstacles of  enough time to travel to research and the fear of social media. She then asked if I enjoyed writing and I realised: ‘Yes I do’. So I shall end this first blog by admitting that I get up most mornings eager  and full of ideas to hit the dining room table. In the New Year, I shall tidy the room that purports to be my study upstairs and make the other author answer the door!

a-fool-for-thy-feastice-steel-and-fireYou can find out more about Linda Parker’s books for Helion shellshocked-prophetsherethe-whole-armour-of-god

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  1. Frances Royston says:

    I can picture you at work, Linda! I admire your bravery in overcoming the minefield of computer technology. I am still learning the basics.

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