Ken Wharton’s Latest Work on the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’

By Ken Wharton

This latest edition continues Wharton’s remarkable compilation of the period of history which blighted Northern Ireland for around 30 years, known as the troubles. He uses thorough research, analysis and oral testimony from those who fought there, allied with his biting opinion and drawing heavily on his own experiences there.  The latest book covers the period of 1991-93, which included the murder of Protestant shoppers in a fish shop on the Shankill Road in Belfast, the machine-gun slaughter of both Catholic and protestant civilians at Greysteel, the slaughter of Catholic workers at a Council Cleansing department in West Belfast and the murder of protestant workers near Omagh.

He was motivated to write extensively about one of Britain’s forgotten wars, by Sinn Fein and the British Left’s current attempts to re-write history in a way which masks and in some cases, actually glorifies the IRA’s terror campaign.

The author has a collection of over 60 books written on the troubles, and also relies on very detailed research from the Belfast Telegraph and by the Belfast Newsletter.  He also has paid access to the Daily Expressive on-line archives.

He is both motivated and excited by the opportunity to tell the story from the perspective of the front-line soldier who patrolled the tough and dangerous streets of Belfast, Londonderry, Rosslea, Newry and Crossmaglen.

The biggest misconception of the troubles is that it wasn’t a war; people claim that it was ‘peace-keeping duties’ and an ‘aid to the civil power’.  It was more than just that; it was a war against a well-organised, well-supplied, well-motivated and malevolent terrorist ‘Army’.

The author believes that the depth of the research, the everyday details and the level of violence by the paramilitary groups goes much, much deeper than TV and press news of the time revealed.

The casual reader will be able to live and re-live the horror which prevailed and judge for his or herself, whether or not it was a war, and see the depths of depravity to which the Republican and Loyalist paramilitaries sank to, in order to further their causes.  For academics, the sheer weight of explained statistics which have long been covered up by the British and Irish Governments and the Ministry of Defence.

The author has written 11 detailed books on the troubles, with a 12th planned.  He has been interviewed numerous times by the BBC and British newspapers and recently gave a lecture on the troubles to Officers at the elite Sandhurst Military Academy.

For new authors attempting to break into the world of publishing, he would offer one simple piece of advice: if you have a story to tell, never give up your dream, never stop trying and never lose hope of finding the right publisher.

The author currently lives in Queensland on the Gold Coast, having lived in Germany and in his native Yorkshire.  He is a former soldier, graduate from the University of Warwick and was a professional salesman for over 30 years.  He is a former football referee and is the veteran of 500 skydives.

He served in the Royal Green Jackets, although never achieved other than the basic rank of Rifleman.  He loves writing and is still dedicated to his beloved Leeds United and Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

For those who are not familiar with his works and, indeed with military terms and expressions, he includes a Glossary of Terms in his books.

Another Bloody Chapter In An Endless Civil War Volume 2. Northern Ireland and the troubles 1988-90 is now available. You  can order it from our website here.

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