Battle for Britain: Your Questions Answered…

If you haven’t yet discovered our Battle for Britain ‘paperboys’ or if you have questions about how they are made, do not fear… Illustrator Peter Dennis answers your most commonly-asked questions in this latest blog instalment.

Q) What scale are the figures?

A) They are 28mm scale. With a printer, you can scale up or scale down as you wish.

Wargame the English Civil Wars 1642-51Q) What’s in the book?

A) The book comes with the basic and advanced rules, terrain and buildings. Of course there are lots of figures to copy: infantry, flags, cavalry, artillery, officers, generals and onlookers – all you will need to play a game.

 Q) What else will I need?

A) To make the figures, you will need some small, sharp scissors (embroidery ones are ideal for detail work; a larger pair is good for cutting out strips of figures). You will also need a craft knife (for scoring the paper and card for the figures’ bases), a handful of six-sided dice and a tape measure

Q) What about glue and the different kinds of paper?

Items needed to craft your own 'paperboys'

Items needed to craft your own ‘paperboys’

A) We really recommend ‘UHU’ glue and photocopier paper that is between 80gm to  100gm in thickness. Any thicker and the paper is harder to cut out and you start to lose the ‘3D’ effect. Peter has put together this film demonstrating how to construct the figures

Q) Aren’t the figures easy to damage?

A) Funnily enough, no – not really. We discovered that once the glue has dried, the paper has a pretty strong rigid quality that lets the figures bounce if they are dropped. In the worst case scenario, you simply print off the replacements you need. The paper models are actually really strong. They, like insects, are protected by their light weight. You could throw them across the room and still play with them! (You can’t say this about metal or hard plastic figures).

Salute - Andy CallanQ) Tell me about the game…

A) Written by veteran rule-writer Andy Callan (pictured right), a regiment of foot is represented by four stands of muskets and two of pikes, whilst a cavalry group is based around six stands of horses and men. For a playing surface, we suggest a table of around 8ft by 4ft. The turn sequence is based on a: ‘I go, you go’ system.

 Q) Are there any more books planned?

A) Yes. In the autumn we shall be publishing two more books: ‘1066’ and ‘War of the Roses’. We are looking to publish more next year.

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4 Responses to Battle for Britain: Your Questions Answered…

  1. Bob Duckworth says:

    Is there a forum for rules questions? I am seeking a couple of simple clarifications…

  2. Peter Dennis says:

    If you put your questions on the blog, Bob, Andy will answer them.

  3. elio ghelli says:

    Kind Sirs, my compliment for your publications !! Where is possible find Scottish and British at Culloden ? Regards Elio

  4. Simon Wilson says:


    Wargames Illustrated magazine had the cut out soldiers and rules for Scottish and Britain at Culloden. It was issue 331 May 2015 and i also think you can download the models from their website.


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