Battle For Britain Series Update: Romans on the March

romans-2By Peter Dennis

Andy Callan and I spent a fun evening with my local wargaming club ‘the Forest Outlaws’. (Mansfield was in the middle of Sherwood Forest, if you’re wondering about the name).

We were play-testing Andy’s rules for the Battle for Britain Roman invasion book, due in spring 2017. I’m happy to say both the introductory and the full versions worked very well.

romans-3We played through an ambush scenario that Andy has written and the Roman players obligingly failed to find either warband secreted in the woods.

The steadiness of the legionaries saved them from absolute disaster, and they managed to beat off the Britons, but the horde of native slingers eventually led to a British win on points. The outlaws declared the rules a success!



Other titles in the Battle For Britain series can be purchased from Helion here.

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3 Responses to Battle For Britain Series Update: Romans on the March

  1. Brian says:

    Hello, can the games be played solo?

    • Andy Callan says:

      I designed them as two player games really, although in this Romans vs Britons game there is a mechanism for provoking British warbands and cavalry to charge, while their skirmishers harass and evade. There is too much interplay of units to allow for a fully worked up system of “programmed” movement by one side vs a live player. But there is nothing to stop you trying. Wargamers have always done this as a way of testing out different tactical situations.

  2. Robert Walker says:

    Hi there,
    Putting together the 1066 Armies was easy and good fun. The art work and design is great.
    We tried playing the 1066 rules last night and they appear to not have been blind tested.
    We had great trouble understanding how they work and they appear to be incomplete regarding some mechanisms. Is there a forum somewhere that discusses these rules, or, is there any way of contacting Andy Callan to clarify how these rules work? You can give him my email address.
    Best Wishes
    Rob Walker

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