Battle For Britain Reader Suggestion: Crafting Aluminium Pikes

andre-pike-1By Peter Dennis

Andre Clues, of my local wargame club in Mansfield, has come up with this brilliant idea…

Instead of using another sheet of paper between the folded colour sheets when you make pikes, use a flattened strip of aluminium from a drinks can.

Sand the metal to give it a bit of key, then use ‘general purpose’ or impact-type adhesive (wet, not impact style) to glue the sheets together.

When the assembly has really dried out, cut the pikes with shears type scissors (not the little figure-cutting scissors or a Stanley knife, which will tear the paper).

The pike will curl as you cut it, but it flattens out into a very thin and strong pike. If it bends, you can straighten it easily.

Anybody out there got any other ideas I never thought of?

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2 Responses to Battle For Britain Reader Suggestion: Crafting Aluminium Pikes

  1. Graham Korn says:

    I was thinking of using plastic bristles from a broomhead for pikes.

  2. Mik Isaac says:

    Another reader suggestion, edging. It’s not vital but it does improve the look of any and all cut-outs, both figures and buildings/trees etc. Using a (generally) dark but sympathetically toned felt tip pen, colour the exposed white paper edge of the models by running the edge of the pen tip along it. The process sounds more fiddly than it is, a bit like the cutting out does, but I think the result is worth the very little amount of extra time it takes. Obviously, if parts of the model are white/light coloured, leave them alone. I use a set of coloured “sharpies” but other brands are available. Any thoughts?

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