25 June: Official launch of ‘Wasted Years, Wasted Lives Vol. 1’ by Ken Wharton

Praise for ‘Wasted Years, Wasted Lives Vol. 1’

“Ken Wharton’s remarkable work rolls on, a monumental feat of history writing” – Patrick Bishop, best-selling author of ‘Bomber Boys’ and ‘3 Para’.

“Ken Wharton captures the authentic voice of the British soldier at the height of what is generally known as the Irish Troubles but was in fact a war” – Toby Harnden, author of Bandit Country: ‘The IRA and South Armagh’ and ‘Dead Men Risen: The Welsh Guards & the Defining Story of Britain’s War in Afghanistan’.

“The spirit of honour, brotherhood, superlative soldiering and true grit lives on in Ken Wharton’s new volume about The Troubles” – Damien Lewis, best-selling author of ‘Zero 6 Bravo’ and ‘Firestrike 7/9’.

“Nobody does Northern Ireland like Ken and nobody tries harder to tell the stories of the men that soldiered and died, policed and patrolled, cried and bled, or lived and wept on the Emerald Isle than he” – Steven McLaughlin, best-selling author of ‘Squaddie’.

“A powerful testament to the plain soldier of the British Army” – Kevin Myers, bestselling author of ‘Watching the Door: Cheating Death in Belfast in the 70s’.

Date and Time

Tuesday, 25 June 2013: 6.00pm


London Club of the Rifles, 52-56 Davies Street, London W1K 5HR

Dress code

Jacket and Tie

RSVP to Duncan Rogers

Email: info@helion.co.uk Tel: 0121 705 3393

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