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A Unique Insight into Colonial Archaeology of the 19th Century in a Warzone

Peter Harrington explores the legacy of William Simpson – Special Artist and Antiquarian During the Second Afghan war 1878-179 In October 1983, shortly after starting work as Assistant Curator in the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection at Brown University Library … Continue reading

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English Civil War: The Commission of Thomas Else, 1659

By Stephen Ede-Borrett Extant Army Officers’ Commissions from before 1660 are rare and, as far as I am aware, the example shown here is the only surviving example dating to this period, the last year of the English Commonwealth. After … Continue reading

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“A Rabble of Gentility”? – The Northern Horse, 1644-45

By John Barratt General George Monck once described the Royalist Horse in the English Civil War as  a “rabble of gentility”. It  was (even in the closing stages of the war) a rather sweeping generalisation, but the men who perhaps … Continue reading

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