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Five Latin Sayings on War

Latin may no longer be spoken in the streets of Londinium or along Hadrian’s Wall, but Rome’s ancient language remains alive in many sayings often found in English and other modern languages. Among the many pearls of Roman (or later, … Continue reading

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Myths and Myth-Conceptions on English Civil War Artillery on the Battlefield

By Stephen Ede-Borrett, Chairman of the Pike and Shot Society and future Century of the Soldier author I blame the First World War! Well, that and the English Civil War re-enactment groups (yes, all of them – I’m not prejudiced!). … Continue reading

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Does the March of Progress Threaten the Battlefield at Auldearn? Warwick Louth Investigates…

Early in January 2016, Arran Johnston, Director and Trustee Edinburgh and South-East Scotland, and I – Archaeological Advisor and Trustee for South West Scotland and Glasgow – made a visit to the battlefield at Auldearn. In the wake of extensions … Continue reading

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Explore the conflicts from the past that shape our world today at Leicester’s Military History Live

After its hugely-successful 2015 launch, and with the continued sponsorship of Helion & Company Ltd, Leicester’s free-to-attend Military History Live once again returns on Saturday 18 June to the Adult Education building on bustling Belvoir Street with a full programme … Continue reading

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Rag-tag blood-thirsty militia or highly-effective combatants: Challenging prejudices about modern African militaries

By Tom Cooper and Adrien Fontanellaz There are millions of prejudices about modern African militaries. Most widespread are urban legends that ‘one half’ of these are hopelessly unprofessional and can neither maintain their equipment nor operate it; the ‘other half’ … Continue reading

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