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‘Farrar the Para’: The boy soldier who became a General

HE ran away from school and joined the Army under-age during the Second World War – rising through the ranks to command NATO’s Northern Region as a full General. Now, the life and campaigns of celebrated Royal Welch Fusilier, Gloucestershire … Continue reading

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University Centre hosts major military history event

Eminent academics and historians brought the battles, campaigns, tactics, personalities and armies of the English Civil War into sight at an event hosted by University Centre Shrewsbury. One of the world’s leading publishers of military history – Helion & Company Ltd – chose … Continue reading

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Lost and found: An artillery train at Shrewsbury Castle in 1659 by Charles Singleton

I was passed this document whilst at a lecture given by Professor Malcolm Wanklyn. He had come across it whilst doing work on the Parliamentarian officer list for Shropshire. It seems rather large to be stored at Shrewsbury, which by … Continue reading

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Five Military Latin Words: Impedimenta, Contubernium, Castra, Auxilia, and Vallum

By Alex Calvo In recent years, growing numbers have chosen to take A Level Latin. The language remains useful for military historians – even if your period of interest is rather recent; far from the Western World; and no legions … Continue reading

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“Stunning in its magnitude”: Easter Offensive Vietnam 1972

The three-front Easter Offensive, launched by North Vietnam in 1972, stunned the South Vietnamese and Americans with its magnitude. Here, France’s Albert Grandolini explains how he explores this landmark campaign in the Vietnam War in two exhilarating new volumes. For many, the … Continue reading

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17th century clothing in the 21st… The 1642 Tailor by Ian Dicker

The 1642 Tailor began as a research project to look at the clothes of the English Civil War. In 2010 I was appointed company goodwife of the group I belong to in the Sealed Knot Society. I set about trying … Continue reading

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